Embracing the Uneasiness of Change

My daughter opening the door to school

Today was a big change for a member of the Cooley household: it was my daughter’s first day of school.

She has been eagerly anticipating this day ever since we went to the initial registration way back in February. And then it proceeded to be a long spring and summer as my dear girl would regularly ask me when she would get to go to school. The month of August made everything real as my husband and I went to meetings related to school, rounded up the necessary supplies, and purchased additional items for her wardrobe.

But Tuesday morning, after she did a dry run of waking up to her new alarm clock, she crawled into my arms and sobbed. When I asked her what was the matter, she replied, “I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay with you, Mommy!”

Such a familiar feeling, isn’t it? To be excitedly waiting for some momentous event to happen, and then when it is about to occur, we want to shrink away from it and stay in our comfort zones.

Maybe the change is switching careers, or finally getting that promotion you’ve been working toward, or getting a job with your dream company, or starting your own business.

None of it is 100% comfortable at the onset because this represents a change in the normal routine. It requires a movement out of the known into the unknown. In these new situations, we have to risk making mistakes and being vulnerable because we don’t know what will happen. We have to learn on the fly and hope that we catch on without embarrassing ourselves too badly.

And yet, it’s rather funny that we would be so resistant to change. Really, the presence of change is the one thing that is a constant in our lives. As much as we try to keep things the same, change still has a way of happening (or we get so bored/frustrated with the sameness of life that we actively usher in change).

Instead of fighting the change, why not welcome it with open arms? It’s going to happen regardless, so try using a new approach as changes come. Invite it in!

As for my daughter? Well, she still wasn’t sure about school at the end of her three and a half hours there today, but after a soothing bath and a nap, life looked a bit differently. She’s game to give it a go again tomorrow.

What about you? Are you up for welcoming change into your life?

Does your job search feel like it’s stuck in neutral? Hit a road block with your career? Let’s work together to jump-start your success!

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