Are You a Tool?

An open Leatherman tool

Just so everyone is clear — I’m not talking about the slang use of “tool”.

I’m referring to one of the more traditional usages of tool as defined in

“anything used as a means of accomplishing a task or purpose”

In your job search and career, you want to be considered a tool — someone who can be counted on to help the company or department reach important goals. A means to a desired end.

While it sounds like you would be a mere cog in a wheel, I see a good tool as doing so much more. To be a really useful tool, you need to be like those Leatherman tools — you know, the ones that can cut, saw, drive screws, file, etc. and then open your adult beverage when you’re all done with your tasks!

All kidding aside, the analogy is not a bad one. When applying for a position, demonstrate how you are a useful tool with your:

  • array of direct experiences,
  • industry/company knowledge,
  • transferable skills sets,
  • problem-solving examples,
  • soft skills applications (conflict management, etc.),
  • positive attitude, and
  • enthusiasm for the company mission and goals.

And once you get the job? Put it all into action!

Don’t be a cheap imitation — really come through with your promises to be the multi-purpose tool they need!

How else can you be a good tool?

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