Body Language Speaks Volumes

This is a very short video by Allan Bonner that makes some great points about nonverbal communication:

“Seconds count.” In an interview, you are being judged from the moment the interviewer sees you. Before you say one word, judgments are being made based solely on how you carry yourself.

“Open, double-handed gestures.” Think about the times that you cross your arms across your chest. Many times, it’s because you’re skeptical, angry about something, unwilling to change your mind, or trying to elevate yourself above another person — all negative scenarios. Do that in an interview, and you will be perceived in a negative way. Keeping your arms open denotes a mental openness that is very well-received.

“Lean forward a little.” It shows that you are paying attention to what the other person is saying. It goes without saying that conveying interest in what your interviewer has to tell you about the position and the company is necessary, so make sure that your body language is in line with how much you want to learn about your prospective employer.

“Lots of eye contact.” Eye contact builds trust and demonstrates confidence. The more they trust you and feel that you will be able to do what you say you can do, the better the outcome will be for you. Of course, if the eye contact becomes staring, that will make your interviewer uncomfortable. Don’t do that!

Certainly, this information is not new. But given the fact that a job interview is not an everyday situation and is still very nerve-wracking for most people, it’s good to have periodic reminders about the basics that will help you make a positive lasting impression on your next interview.

What other basic body language cues do you incorporate in your job interviews?

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