Even If You Think It’s Too Late, Send a Thank You Letter

A couple weeks ago, Candice Mitchell tweeted me, asking about the window of opportunity for sending a thank you letter after an interview. Upon further inquiry, I found out it had been a week since her interview.

A week, in terms of a hiring schedule, can go either way. Some companies move quite quickly after the final round of interviews to secure a candidate. Other have been known to take a month to reach a decision. Regardless of their schedule, it’s still a good practice to get a thank you letter out to your interviewer within 24 hours of your interview.

Just because it had been a week, however, it wasn’t a reason to write the whole thing off. Even if the position she had interviewed for was no longer available, I reasoned, sending a thank you letter could bring her to the forefront of the hiring manager’s mind for another position that might also be a good fit. At the very least, it would show her courtesy. Because of the time factor, doing an email thank you with a hard copy following it up was definitely in order. I gave that advice to Candice and wished her luck.

Over last weekend, I wondered how she had fared with this position and decided to follow up with her on Tuesday. I never got the chance, however, because I saw this tweet Monday evening:

Candice Mitchell: "Thanks again for everything! I got that good news call!"

How awesome is that! Many congratulations on the new position, Candice 🙂

Thank you letters are one of the ways that a candidate can differentiate him/herself from the others. In this situation, even though it felt like it was too late, the thank you letter helped to put Candice over the top and she was offered the job! Starting next Monday, she will be a press officer for a Brooklyn councilman.

As I said before, the ideal time frame for sending out thank you letters is within 24 hours of your interview. However, if you miss that window, still send it. You just may end up getting a great job!

Does this article resonate with you? Imagine what could happen if I was working for you and your career!

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