HR Manager: “I Would Much Rather Hire Someone Who is Currently Unemployed”

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In looking at earlier today, I saw on the main page of the site this article that talked yet again about the discrimination that the jobless face in the job hunt. Referred to unemployment as a “scarlet letter,” even.


I’ve already made it pretty clear how I feel about this.

But then I read this comment by JJDecor:

“I’m an HR manager and in years past if someone had been unemployed 1 yr or longer they would often not be considered due to the gaps in employment it just didn’t look good. But now I would much rather higher [sic] someone who is currently unemployed and the last 3 positions I’ve filled have been filled by people out of work. 1) The unemployed can start right away, no 2-4 week to get them rolling 2) If they’ve been out of work a considerable amt of time they are greatful [sic] and eager to work hard and make a good impression so as to have job security and 3) for employees (unemployed for around 3 mths minimum) hired after Feb 2010 there is a tax incentive! The employer does not have to pay the employer portion of social security tax (6.2%!!!!) for the rest of this calendar year! For an employee earning 50,000 that’s $3,100 savings for the employer!”

Well-qualified applicants should be given the opportunity to make outstanding contributions to a company, not because of or in spite of their current employment status.

I wish more businesses would follow JJDecor’s example.

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