Taking on the “Greatest Weakness” Question (Perspective #1)

One of the most dreaded questions in a job interview is “What is your greatest weakness?” To gain some perspective on it, I turned to some HR pros! Today’s commentary on the this question is Jonathan Krass.

One of the best questions an interviewer can ask is “What’s your greatest weakness?” Anybody can talk about their strengths in an interview. That’s why I brought you in – to tell me why you’re the strongest choice for the role I’m looking to fill.

When I ask the corresponding weakness question, I’m not trying to find character flaws or holes in your business persona; what I’m looking for is how you turn a situation into a learning experience.

I want to see how you can identify a weakness and make it a developmental opportunity. As an interviewee, you want to think of an identifiable weakness in your character, how you became aware of it, and what you did to correct the problem. See that 3 step process? It’s really basic problem solving, which applies to all areas of business. If you can problem solve in your own character, that makes you an even stronger candidate.

Of course, the weakest answer is that you don’t have any weaknesses. Nobody’s perfect. And if you think you are, you’re not getting a job with me.

Jonathan KrassJonathan is an HR professional with over 7 years of experience in benefits, employee relations, and consulting. Jonathan’s background is with small- to mid-sized employers in corporate and client-services settings. He’s a recent MBA-graduate from Loyola University Chicago, and a member of several Chicagoland HR associations. Jonathan is a technology guru and leveraging various avenues of social media to further his networking. Jonathan’s vCard is available at http://bit.ly/jonathankrass. He can also be found on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Coming tomorrow — another perspective!

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