Change is Everywhere, So Bring It to Your Job Goals, Too

A recent search that led someone to The Job Quest was: “Why should you keep reviewing and changing your job goals?”

First off, I’m glad that the person realized that it is important to review job goals and make adjustments when necessary. As for the why, let’s see now…

  • Job duties change
  • Management changes
  • Policies change
  • Companies are bought, sometimes leading to changes in the corporate culture
  • Co-workers change
  • Industries change
  • Businesses downsize or close, leading to layoffs (now that’s a huge change!)
  • Our interests change
  • Our motivations change
  • Things like marriage, having children, divorce, or having elderly parents move in with you usher in changes in your personal life (and for all the talk about keeping work life and personal life separate, they really do impact one another)
  • Other external events or influences can cause us to have a change of heart about an idea that had previously been held dear

Simply put, nothing in this life stays the same.  Everything is in a state of change. With change happening all around you, why would your job goals stay the same?

If you are not regularly reviewing your job goals and making changes when called for, you are doing a huge disservice to your career by not keeping up with all that is impacting it.

How are you keeping up with changes to keep your job goals relevant to today’s world and to your life as it is right now?

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