Making Job Clubs Work for You

I read a piece of advice recently that advised against joining a job club. This person’s rationale was, essentially, that a group of unemployed people getting together did nothing more than provide comfort during a difficult time of life.

Job clubs, when used properly, can be a valid part of your job search strategy. Consider these benefits:

  • They can increase your network. People who join job clubs come from all walks of life.  With them, they bring many connections that you may never have encountered otherwise. A connection that is not a great fit for one person may be perfect for you, and vice versa!
  • Guest speakers can provide tips and insights that can help you with your job search. Who wouldn’t want to have access to an expert who can help?
  • You can gain outside perspectives on the materials you are using for your job hunt. It’s always great to have an extra set of eyes to catch typos. Plus, it can be easier for someone who is not emotionally connected to you to provide you with objective feedback.
  • Participants receive much-needed support. Members of job clubs are united by their struggles with the job search, which can be very demoralizing.  Having the appropriate support system in place to stave off depression is a significant part of job hunting that cannot be downplayed.

How big of your job search strategy should they be? That’s a little bit harder to quantify and may fluctuate over time. Say, for example, you feel the need to have more support because your hunt for employment has been going on for a while. Then get the extra support you need to make you more effective in the other parts of your strategy.

Be sure to continue to work on a balance so that all parts of your strategy are functioning optimally for your success.

Do you participate in job clubs? What have been your experiences?

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