Showing Your Gratitude During the Job Search

Thank-you notes are a very important part of the job search and any other time when networking comes into play. And yet, the act of writing a letter of gratitude remains one of the most overlooked activities!

You say you don’t have the time? Sorry, but writing a thank-you note is something that you make the time to do. To help you with this task, I’ve compiled a few great resources from around the web:

The Value of Thanks-Giving in Your Job Search by Rick Saia of Pongo Blog

Mastering the Art of the Follow-Up by Kate Lorenz of The Work Buzz

How to Keep Your Thank-You Note Out of the Trash by Karen Burns

Two Powerful Job Search Words — Thank You! by Julie Walraven of Design Resumes

Follow-up: The Tip-the Scale Job Search Step by Susan Guarneri on Career Hub

In addition to all of that advice, here are some sample thank-you letters, courtesy of Susan Ireland.

Are there other resources you have tapped to write stellar thank-you notes? Include them in the comments below!

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