04/09/2010 #FF — From the “Job Search Advice” List

On Twitter, I have created a list of people who tweet helpful job search advice. Today, I’m highlighting three great people from that list!

Hannah Morgan (@careersherpa)

Hannah Morgan

Hannah tweets and retweets lots of good information, and you know she knows what she’s talking about because she is so connected to her colleagues. She is also a part of the Career Collective, a community of résumé writers and career coaches who write on a theme related to job searching and career management each month. Hannah’s a smart woman to follow.

Julia Erickson (@juliaerickson)

Julia Erickson

Julia’s tweet stream is literally loaded with little nuggets of information that will help you on your job search. There’s some great links in there, as well, to her well-written blog post and to other pertinent information, but I really like the little bites she gives you. They contain just the right amount of advice to be able to make changes that can give you an edge. Some of are solid tips:

If no room for cover letter when submitting resume, make a single document w/cov let 1st, followed by resume.

Others give you food for thought:

I’m tired of negativity/anger so I’m the change I want 2 see: no complaining abt others’ negative/angry words/attitudes.

Follow Julia for more tweets like the above!

Miriam Salpeter (@Keppie_Careers)

Miriam Salpeter

Miriam is rather active on Twitter. I like her tweets because she doesn’t simply retweet; she oftentimes will also add her input if something is important to read or why it will benefit her followers. With everything that comes at you on Twitter, it helps to have that extra recommendation so that you can have a little more assurance that when you click on the link, it will be worth your time. Follow Miriam today!

There are many more smart folks on my job search advice list, so why don’t you go take a look at all that wisdom?

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