Reactions to Your Mistakes Speak Louder than Original Mistakes

This is a great video from Tom Peters about what can really be the cause of problems:

He cites a few examples of people who tried to hide their mistakes and how the attempted cover-ups led to more problems. Mr. Peters advice when you mess up is to “[m]ake those responses positive, quick, and overwhelming.”

His words reminded me of a situation I read about from last year: a Domino’s Pizza store in Chicago made a mistake on the order of @InteractiveAmy. She said something about it on Twitter, and Ramon, one of the managing partners of the store, responded to her that evening and posted an apology video (which I am unable to post here, but definitely follow the link to hear his great response!) Additionally, Ramon committed his chain of stores to providing a free pizza feast for Social Media Club Chicago upon discovering that @InteractiveAmy is a member.

Now that kind of response to a problem is the way to stand out and get everyone to forgive and forget the incident.

In your next interview, how will you be able to talk about a mistake you made? Will you be able to show how you wowed your employer or a customer with how you rectified the situation?

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