"Never Let Go of Hope"

One day
you will see
that it all
has finally come together.

What you have
always wished for
has finally come to be.

You will look back
and laugh at what has passed
and you will ask yourself,
“How did I get through all of that?”

Just never let go of hope.
Just never quit dreaming.
And never let love
depart from your life.


Never Let Go of Hope by Jancarl Campi

Except for laughing after we knew it was over, that poem is a great reflection of what my husband’s layoff was for us.

The days, weeks, and months that passed during his job search were pure agony — like we had fallen down a hole with no bottom.  We kept falling, terrified of the fall itself, as well as the unknown final outcome. And yet, through it all:

We had hope that everything would be OK in the end.  Somehow, it had to be.

We kept our dreams alive.  Amazingly enough, we created new ones, too.

We clung to the love of our God, each other, and our family for dear life.  Some days, that was all we had.

If you are in the midst of a job search or facing a confusing career change, what keeps your hopes and dreams burning bright? What love is part of your life to spur you on, even when it gets hard? Especially when it gets hard?

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