Doing #FF on The Job Quest

#FollowFriday (or #FF, as it is often known on Twitter) is a fun way to recognize people at the end of the week, to encourage community building, and foster the sharing of ideas.

After I wrote my post yesterday and recognized some of the great folks I’ve interacted with, I started to think about the many others who are very deserving of a special mention on The Job Quest. And, as much as the 140-character limit on Twitter has helped me tighten up my writing, it just doesn’t do people justice.

They are really smart group of people who enrich me daily with their wisdom. Some of them have shaped my journey in ways they may not even realize. All of them definitely deserve to be followed on Twitter. (You are on Twitter, right? You really, really need to get an account if you are not. Really.) The people I’m about to mention here are founts of knowledge who will help you immeasurably in your job search/career management.

With that, here’s to some fabulous folks!

Karen Burns

Karen Burns Working Girl

Karen Burns (aka Working Girl) is a really smart person who knows what to do when you are looking for a job, when you are in a job, when you hate your job. I have come to regard her as the Emily Post of the career world. She’s held 59 positions during her career; with all that expertise to back her up, she has written a book (which we had a giveaway for last fall), blogs about everything related to careers, and writes a regular column for U.S. News & World Report. And she’s got sass, which makes her a lot of fun!

Billie Sucher

Billie Sucher

Billie is a career consultant and résumé writer who also is one of the regular bloggers on Career Hub. She has also authored two books and contributed to numerous résumé books. Billie’s writings convey a warmth and caring for job seekers and those who are experiencing career transitions. You can count on Billie to “tell it like it is,” but she is never cold or condescending about it. It’s that gentleness, compassion, and obvious motivation to help people that makes her so great.

Jacob Share

Jacob Share

I reviewed Jacob’s blog, JobMob, a couple months back, but Jacob is such an outstanding guy that I would be remiss to not include him today. In his Twitter bio, he says, “I like to help people.” Having experienced a job loss himself, Jacob knows how tough it is and uses that knowledge to do what he can to benefit job seekers who are where he has been. He is definitely a person who is focused on what he can do to add value to those around him.

Phil Gerbyshak

Phil Gerbyshak

Phil is the founder of the Make it Great! Institute — the name of his business alone speaks volumes about who he is as a person. He is actually in a career transition himself as he leaves the corporate world behind to devote himself to his venture. I reviewed Phil’s blog last year, also, because it contains so much good information about how to use social media and promote your personal brand. This is very valuable stuff to know in the job search or in managing your online presence at all stages of your career.

Wow — this is just the tip of the iceberg! There are many more people I could write about today, but I am going to stop now and save that… for another Friday!

#FollowFriday happens every week here at The Job Quest. To learn about other wonderful folks who are follow-worthy every week, visit the #FollowFriday archives, and start following some amazing people!

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