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Blog: JibberJobber Blog
Author: Jason Alba
Date Started: June 2006

Jason Alba is the creator of JibberJobber, which is a robust management tool for organizing contacts and documents related to the job search, as well as scheduling reminders for important follow-ups and other action items. And, at the regular membership, it’s FREE. The blog that Jason writes for the JibberJobber site is also a wonderful resource for job seekers.

I love Jason’s writing style. He has written several posts about the emotional side of job loss that are so moving, even raw. These stories come out of his own experience with job loss, so you know what he is writing is honest, not contrived. The importance of such posts cannot be understated. They give job seekers a sense of community in that it’s normal to feel how they feel. Some of my favorites on this topic include:

My Daughter Cut Her Own Bangs (Related to Your Job Loss)
The Spouse’s Role in Your Job Search – I would consider this a must-read.
Religions Role in a Job Search – During my husband’s job loss last year, there were some days that faith was the only thing that got us through.
Depression Clouds Everything

Going back into his archives is definitely worth the time. Here’s some links to older posts:

Substantiate Yourself – This is great advice on not just saying you were awesome in the past, but showing why you are awesome right now. (Note: this post is from December 2006, so the need for a marketing/advertising/PR professional that Jason mentions has possibly changed.)

Already Have a Job? Don’t Need to Look? – While the job market is considerably different than when Jason wrote this in 2006, I think there are still a few people out there who believe their positions are secure. Like he said: “Lesson learned: you are always eligible for termination.”

What is Your Identity? – This is an excellent post that emphasizes that job loss does not equal identity or skill loss. You still are who you are and possess the same skills; you’re just looking for a new opportunity now.

Tagged – Five Things about Jason Alba You Didn’t Know – It’s always fun to get to know about other people! How Jason talked about meeting his wife when he was 15 was cute, and I could relate since I’ve actually known my husband since I was 14 (though we didn’t date until well after high school).

So go over to the JibberJobber blog and dig around for a while. With more than three and a half years’ worth of posts, you’ll be sure to find something that will help you on your job search.

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