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January 2010 calendar with winter sceneHappy New Year!

As we tear off the calendar page to start a fresh year, it’s a good time to take inventory of how the job search is going for you. Have you been getting responses from your résumés? How successful have you been with networking? Do you feel like all your efforts are truly aligned?

On his blog Accelerate Success, Dave Carpenter has written out a 31-day plan to help people organize their activities so that they will be able to be successful with whatever they want to achieve.

Mr. Carpenter had intended the planning to be started on December 1st so you could begin today with a bang, but there’s no reason why you can’t start today to make 2010 the year you reach your goal of getting a job!

I feel that all of the steps are beneficial to any plan for finding employment. Over the next few days, I’ll highlight some steps to show how they pertain particularly well:

Select the RIGHT Planning Buddy: I love the idea of accountability that this step builds in. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to find a planning buddy who is trying to find a job, too. Maybe you have a friend who wants to become more fit. You could work together to support each other’s achievement of your respective goals.

Recruit Your Board of Advisors: This step is helpful for two reasons: 1) having the feedback from more people minimizes the possibility of groupthink (everyone agreeing with one perspective), and 2) as you inform more people of what you are doing, they are more willing to offer their ideas, suggest other people who could help you, etc. What a great way to build your network!

Reaffirm Your Personal Strengths: A very critical component to the job hunt is knowing your strengths. This really goes along with the importance of job fit. When you know your strengths, it will be much easier to find a job that will be a good fit for you. (Note: That’s not to say that you should turn down all jobs until you find the perfect one. Sometimes you need to take a job just to get you through.)

Scan for Opportunities for You in 2010: The brainstorming required in this step is a good way to get you out of a rut. Instead of having a narrow focus at the beginning of the planning process, this step flings the doors open. Do you have to find a job in one specific field, or do you have transferable skills that could work for another industry? Is there an opportunity to start a business instead of working for a company?

Craft Your Life Purpose: As much as people talk about the separation of work life and home life, I’m not so sure that happens all that often. Your work, who you are there, does define you. I know it has for me: 15 years in nonprofit management, being a mom, writing this blog. All of it funnels into an overarching purpose of serving and helping others. Knowing your life purpose, again, goes along with job fit.

How could these steps fit in with your plan to get a job in 2010?

January 2010 wall calendar ~snow scene~ courtesy of Nancee_art

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