Resource for Planning Your Job Search, Part 2

Yesterday’s post looked at some of the steps in Dave Carpenter’s 31-day plan for a great 2010 and how they can be applied to the job search. Today, we’re looking at more of the steps to see how they can improve on the process you are using to find your next position.

Seeing the worldDefine the elements of your compelling current vision: This step is important because it starts to concretely define how you want your future to be. It doesn’t get into the specifics of what needs to be done to get there, just what you want things to look like at the end of 2010.

Mr. Carpenter makes two great points with this step in the plan — 1) stay true to yourself and not formulate your vision based on what someone else wants you to do, and 2) answer this question, “Do you believe you really deserve to have the life that you have set out in this vision?” Both ideas are critical to keep in mind on a job search.

Create a vision statement: This differs from the above step (defining your vision) because it answers why those elements are part of your vision. What is your passion? The vision statement brings your passion and your vision for your future position together to help you clearly see what you want in your career and why it matters to you.

Create possible strategies: Days 14-19 are comprised of different places for getting ideas of possible strategies for achieving your vision — everything from looking at the gaps between where you are now and where your vision places you to determining the changes that you will need to make to achieve your vision. None of these steps gets into very specific actions, but rather more vague ideas that would help you attain your desired employment. The whole point of those six days is simply to throw out every idea you can generate. Nothing is too crazy to consider at this point, and you wouldn’t want to eliminate anything that could put you on the path to landing a great job.

Choose your best strategies: I love the reminder that Mr. Carpenter gives about “the silent killer of so much potential – perfectionism.” While you are in the process of selecting your best strategies to find a great job, don’t get so caught up on if they are the “right” ones. You will have enough variety in what you pick that if one or two of them doesn’t work out, you will have others to fall back on.

And if they’re all stinkers? Just go back and select other strategies! Nothing is immutable.

One more post coming up on Dave Carpenter’s steps to a successful 2010!

Ultima visión?! courtesy of mind_scratch

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