Fun Networking

Dogs watching football game on TVWhen talking about in-person networking, the image that a lot of people get is that you will have to go out to some event and meet a bunch of people you don’t know for some high-powered schmoozing.

But sometimes, you’re just not in the right frame of mind for that scene. Emotionally, it can be a lot of effort to psych yourself up to do something that is in the public eye.

Why not bring the networking event to your doorstep?

I don’t mean a high-powered dinner party. I’m talking about something much more low-key, like having friends over to watch the big sporting event or to have a fun game night.

Don’t think that’s networking? Sure, it is!  Not everything that benefits your job search has to be formal and 100% professional in tone.  Think about it:

  • You’re connecting with people who may have not talked with you for some time.
  • They may bring one or two people with them who may only be casual acquaintances to you (if that).
  • There will be conversations and sharing.

Sounds like networking to me!

You never know what the outcome of such an event can be.  A friend you haven’t connected with for a while may have changed jobs, or someone you didn’t really know well shows up and you hit it off.

Hosting a fun get-together is a great way to enhance your network, and the added bonus is that you will also be relaxing!  A relaxed you makes you more effective at hitting the job search.

Note: While such an event is fun and relaxing, still keep in mind that you don’t want to do something that could hurt a connection by being too familiar, especially if it’s someone new.

When was the last time you had some friends over for fun networking?

Go Dawgs – Samson and Bo watching game courtesy of m.derepentigny

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