Blog Review – JobMob

Blog: JobMob
Author: Jacob Share
Date Started: March 2007

JobMob’s tagline of “All Together Now” encompasses the feel of the content on the blog. While Share lives in Israel and from time to time does cover topics that are specific to his Israeli audience, he writes with a global perspective and on topics that are very timely.

His personal branding and social media knowledge keeps JobMob very pertinent for all job seekers, whether they are new to the requirements of job hunting in 2009 or have more experience with using today’s tools. He also covers a variety of other topics related to job searching.

Here are a few of my favorite posts:

When he provides listings of one sort or another in his posts, you can be assured that they are quite comprehensive.  Those posts are like a one-stop shop for information.

One other thing that makes JobMob stand out is the fact that he gives his audience a voice.  From his annual guest blogging contest to his upcoming reader appreciation week (which will include a podcast of individuals who have been successful in their job quests, as well as a question and answer session), Share ensures that his readers are heard.  That, in turn, helps him keep his finger on the pulse of the type of information that job seekers want and need.

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