Visualize Your Success

Looking beyond the wallWouldn’t life be so much easier if the actual execution of something would mirror the cognition of how to do it? Unfortunately, we can end up getting in our own way. This may be especially true during a job search.

It’s not that we don’t know what to say and how to act. But, we can unintentionally sabotage our efforts by listening to the voice of insecurity that rattles in our brains from time to time. That voice that is loudest when we are at our most vulnerable. That voice that can make the path to employment seem like an impossibility.

In a post by Jason Seiden, he writes:

“When we have a Moment of Clarity, we are able to see the path to success and to take control of it…A Moment of Clarity is a shift in perspective that allows us to take full control of a situation despite the obstacles in front of us.”

I like that term that Jason uses — a “Moment of Clarity.”

I envision this as a scaling of the mental walls that are built up, thus enabling us to lock eyes with the goal and maintain a laser-like focus on it. Nothing more to obscure the view. Nothing to stand in the way. And those messages that may have hindered before are a thing of the past.

What goals have you achieved when you found your Moment of Clarity? How did you find it? Have you found that Moment of Clarity in your job hunt?

Beyond the wall courtesy of Giuseppe Bognanni

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