How Twitter Lists Can Help Your Résumé

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Susan Ireland wrote a post on her blog a few months back about the benefits of listing industry-specific groups that you belong to on LinkedIn on your résumé. It’s an excellent idea, so definitely go read her post!

Reading it got me thinking — Twitter Lists, one of the new features that has been added to Twitter, could be leveraged in much the same way. Here’s an example:

Say that you are in HR recruiting and that your tweets and retweets give a lot of value to your profession, so much so that Paul DeBettignies (@MNHeadhunter) decides to list you on his National Recruiters HR list. Mr. DeBettignies is a person of influence within his field, so to have him include you on one of his lists would, indeed, speak to your contributions in the field.

The importance of listing online activities, as Susan Ireland said, is to “[s]how that you’re adding value to your professional community” and to “[e]ncourage the recruiter or potential employer to…read what you’ve been saying online.”

Two things to think about when putting the Twitter Lists on your résumé:

  1. Make sure that your tweets do not contain something that you would not want a company to read.
  2. Only include industry-specific lists that list you. It will detract from your résumé if you include a list that has nothing to do with the job for which you are applying.

What other unique ways are you showing your contributions to your field?

twitter visual guide courtesy of cambodia4kidsorg

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