Situations that bring us into a job hunt are the result of some life change — graduating from school, unexpectedly relocating, feeling stagnated in your current position, being released from employment for whatever reason.

No matter the reason for any change that happens in life, it’s challenging to face.

Whether it’s expected…

newborn baby

…or not.

broken leg

Whether it has been planned…

or not.

flat tires

Whether the change was large…

out of business

or small.

first grey hair

No matter the situations of a change, it brings some degree of stress. But, the changes keep coming in life.

How have you embraced the changes that have happened to you?

First Day in the Open World courtesy of csr02083
Red plaster socks courtesy of ItzaFineDay
Wedding in St. Augustine courtesy of DeusXFlorida
Low Pressure Car Tyres courtesy of david.nikonvscanon
american apparel closed by order of city of chicago courtesy of thirdrail
My first grey hair courtesy of Kai Hendry

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