Redefining Success

I read a very insightful post over at Tales from an Unemployed Interior Designer entitled “Goonies Never Say Die” that dealt with the features of Millennials.

One of the attributes that Julie, the writer of the blog, brought up is the belief that if she worked hard and had a drive for her chosen field, she would be successful.

I agree with her — hard work and determination will lead to success, and I think those characteristics add up to a wonderful work ethic for anyone of any generation to possess.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the path to success isn’t necessarily a straight line.

Virtually all of us will experience bumps in the road at some point in time. Sometimes we have to take a big detour to get to the next destination in life. Perhaps a part of the scenery along the way will be a pleasant surprise. Maybe we will end up in a completely different place than we originally intended.

Say you are between jobs, so you decide to start volunteering for an agency that had always interested you, in part to show you support your community. It had never happened before because you didn’t have time with your busy schedule. In the course of volunteering, you end up being a mentor to someone who has lived through some terrible circumstances, but, because of the interactions with you, begins to make strides toward a better future.

What an amazing gift for you to be part of that experience! The transformation in that person’s life would definitely be a success for you.

Beyond that, who knows where things may lead? Maybe the director of volunteers has a connection with a person of influence in a company you have been targeting in your job search. That’s how it sometimes goes, you know? One thing leads to another leads to another…

Even though our ideas of success may not be part of our lives 100% of the time, you may just find that you can find success in unanticipated places or in a different way if you are flexible with where life takes you.

What unexpected successes have you experienced?

Road to Somewhere courtesy of scott_48074

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