Diva Behavior and the Job Search Don't Mix

As I watched the Green Bay Packers fall to the Minnesota Vikings last night, it struck me how many (even I) had written Brett Favre off as “too old” to play football well. The final score, and the fact that the Vikings are now 4-0, are an indicator that he can still get the job done.

It’s just too bad that he didn’t endear himself to anyone except Vikings fans along the way.

Favre’s behavior throughout the spring and summer was ridiculous. Pretending that he was not coming back despite the rumors that he was. Not participating in the Vikings summer camp. Showing up with all the fanfare right at the start of preseason.

If he had been in a situation with any other type of job, he wouldn’t have been given a chance to come back. With teamwork being a significant part of the operations of businesses today, someone who would come in with an air of entitlement because of his/her talents, more often than not, would be escorted back out. And rightfully so. Divas, with their “me first” attitudes, have a way of destroying morale in a company.

As you promote yourself in your job search, find that balance between good self-marketing and humbleness. Certainly acknowledge the accomplishments you have made in past positions, but also talk about the teams you have worked with and how you worked together to enhance each others’ efforts. Given that you likely are going to be walking into another team environment, this will show that you have the skills to build up the infrastructure they have in place.

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