The Fine Art of Listening

Listening is a skill that is very important in most aspects of life. We listen to gain information, we listen to form friendships, we listen to show we care.

Listening can be especially hard to do during the interview process. You’re nervous, you’ve got facts about the company and your stories about your past work running through your head, and you want to be sure that the interviewers know that you are excited to be there.

However, good listening shows that you respect the other person and that you give good consideration of what has been said before you answer. Those are both good traits to have, especially when working in teams. Plus, they lay the foundation for building a good relationship with someone who may be your future supervisor or colleague.

Marshall Goldsmith wrote an article on improving your listening skills, and it has many tips in there on how to become a better listener. Things like: 

  • Don’t interrupt.
  • Don’t finish the other person’s sentences.
  • Don’t even agree with the other person, just listen!

Even if you are a good listener already, it might be worthwhile to review the ideas that he gives make sure your good listening skills are carrying over into your interviews.

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