Developing Your Personal Branding Message

Last month, I had written a post about the importance of consistent messaging in your cover letters, résumés, and interviews.

Having the same message in all the methods you are using to present yourself to prospective employers is a big part of personal branding.

Unless you have a marketing background and know how to craft a message, it can be challenging to ferret out the main points that you want to convey.

Last week, I came upon a recent edition of Discovery (a magazine put out by the YMCA for volunteers and staff). One of the articles was entitled “Brand New” and discussed the branding of an organization.

The following quote from that article stood out to me:

“Your brand is your essence…[w]hat you stand for, why you’re different, and why anyone should care… It’s your promise and then how you deliver on that promise through [your] behaviors and the way you talk…”

As indicated by that definition of a brand, you have to know yourself pretty well to be able to develop a message that is true to who you are.

Think about your current job or previous ones. What role did you play in the operations at your company? What did you enjoy? What contributions did you make toward the success of a project? What mattered most to you?

By analyzing your past experiences, themes will start to emerge. Then, use those themes in your messaging to capture the heart of who you are and why you are a candidate worthy of a closer look.

How successful have you been at developing your personal branding message? What challenges have you faced with this task?

Subterranean Identity Blues courtesy of Dominic Sayers

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