Learning from Adversity

One side benefit of writing this blog is that I am constantly finding wonderful articles and posts that are thought-provoking, inspiring, and give a fresh perspective.

The Value of Suffering by John Hope Bryant is all of that in spades. After you read what I have to say, definitely click on the above link to read his whole article.

One quote from Mr. Bryant’s writing that I love: “As leaders and parents, we need to stop trying to save our team or our children from having to face life’s hardships. Instead, we need to help them embrace challenges as teachable moments and as opportunities to learn.”

How true this is. No matter how hard we try, challenges will come up. We can’t live in a proverbial bubble that protects us from the hard corners of life, nor can we cushion the blow for others. Ultimately, that does everyone a disservice.

If you try to shield yourself and others, you may succeed partially in fending off some of the blows, but some will still make a direct hit.

What’s worse, you won’t really be living. By trying to avoid the disappointments of this world, you may miss out on some of its greatest joys. Think about it — isn’t it true that some of your best accomplishments and your most amazing journeys happened because you stuck your neck out there?

If you are in the midst of a job search right now, it’s tempting to pull inward, to take the safe path. I would encourage you to stop yourself from doing that.

As Mr. Bryant says, “…embrace challenges as teachable moments and as opportunities to learn.” You never know what may happen as a result.

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