Change for the Sake of Change? A Résumé Debate

Dan Schawbel had a post on his Personal Branding Blog entitled “Predict the End of the Traditional Resume Here.

Others have also been sounding the death knell for the paper résumé. The Job Seeker’s Insider asked the question, “Is the Traditional Resume Dead?” earlier this month. The Relationship Economy wondered, “Should the Resume Die?

On the other side of the issue, Cheezhead had a post two years ago about CareerTV doing away with the video résumé. Here’s a short excerpt from that blog post:

In an article entitled Time to Put Pause on Video Resumes, Raghav Singh summed it up by saying, “It’s not a reach to believe that a creative lawyer can make a case for discrimination if it’s known a video resume was viewed before an individual was rejected.”

I tend to believe that continuous improvement on existing practices is a good thing. Choosing to remain committed to old methods simply because “that’s how it’s always been done” doesn’t take into account the fact that the rest of the world is changing. It’s important to embrace change to maintain relevancy.

By the same token, change shouldn’t happen just because it’s the latest fad. Prior to any implementation of change, people should seriously consider the rationale for the existing methods and whether or not that line of thinking still might pertain to the present time.

Just last week, I brought up a question regarding the use of pictures and videos as part of the self-promotion that is happening with job seekers. I didn’t get a good answer for why this behavior doesn’t run counter to the reasons why including pictures with résumés fell out of favor.

I’m not judging the use of visual promotion one way or another. If you want to use it to promote yourself, wonderful! There are many great tools out there that make it easier than ever to do so. Everyone has the right to choose whichever method works best for him/her.

But what Raghav Singh said in the earlier quote niggles at the back of my brain.

If using social media to its full extent becomes more than the norm, but a requirement, what (if at all) is going to be the backlash?

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