Behavior to Avoid on the Job Search and Beyond

Just when I think I’ve seen it all, there’s something else that makes my jaw hit the keyboard in amazement and wonder, “What was that person thinking???”

disbeliefA recent post on The Work Buzz talked about this story: a man sends his application materials in for a job posting, and HR issues out a basic e-mail thanking him for his interest and saying that they will call if interested.

Evidently, the applicant was having a bad day because his response to HR’s e-mail was rather, uh, irate.

He proceeded to rip them up one side and down the other (an excerpt: “I keep getting responses like this, and you high and mighty HR jerk offs deserve a piece of my mind.”)

The kicker is that this candidate had made it to the short list and was under further consideration. What a way to shoot yourself in the foot, huh?

Let me fill you in on what should be abundantly clear, but (apparently) isn’t obvious to everyone:

You have to be professional in every interaction with a company.

During the job hunt, you have to be professional in your written communications, in your interviews, and even if you end up getting rejected for the position. Really, you never know if another job with the company will open up and they will call on you again.

If you’re not very kind to them, do you expect they’ll want to give you another opportunity to interview? Not likely.

Also, are you electronically hooked up with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.? Just keep in mind that you can’t let your hair down after you are extended an offer (not online, anyway).

If you make a scathing comment about your boss or the company you work for online, it won’t be kept a secret for long. Just look at the Fatty Cisco example or the Facebook example to see how to mess up a job offer/actual position.

By the same token, when something awful does happen or you’re just in a foul mood, you have the right to have an outlet. If you need to talk with someone you trust — your parents, your significant other, a friend, your dog — definitely do it. Vent away to whomever your sounding board is.

Or write a scathing letter (by hand, not electronically, since you don’t want to accidentally send it off someday) and then put it through the shredder. If it will allow you to keep your cool when you need to, use this method.

Another tip to remember: make sure compromising pictures/videos don’t make it online.

With cell phones having the capability to take pictures and videos, and uploading said pictures/videos onto the Internet is quite easy, you’d better be sure they don’t cross the line. Just ask the mayor of Sheboygan, WI, who was taped from a cell phone making off-color remarks, all of which was uploaded to YouTube.

Bottom line — don’t do anything that will jeopardize your standing for a position or will come back to haunt you once you are in a position.

Scandalized courtesy of CarbonNYC

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