More Organization for the Job Search

Organization is critical to any job search.  Seriously, if you are not organized, you will be hard-pressed to find what you need when you get that call for an interview.  It ends up being a big mess. Not a good thing when you may only have a couple days to prepare yourself.

Here are some of the activities that Rodney does to keep his current job search in order:

1) He prints off the postings to every position he applies to. On each posting is then written the date it was sent and any information on how it was sent (especially if by snail mail) so that he has an idea of when the HR folks at the company in question have seen it.  These are stored in reverse chronological order since the most recent ones are the ones for which Rodney is most likely to get calls, and they are readily available for when that happens.

It’s also helpful to have the postings so that he can call the companies to follow up if he feels that is appropriate and to check back to see if he has already applied for a position (like when companies repost a job, etc.) and he can decide from there what to do.

2) When a company calls for an interview, the job posting is pulled from the file of those printed off.  Then Rodney puts the posting, the cover letter, any research done on the company, and correspondence regarding the interview (time, location, etc.) in its own separate file so that it is easier for him to prepare for what is to come.

3) Information learned from initial interviews and subsequent thank you letter(s) that are written are also added to the file to be ready for a second interview. If Rodney gets that call, he’s all set to prepare for the next round.

Taking the time to organize yourself during the job search does make interview prep much easier.  If you don’t want to have physical paper files, computerized files of the various documents work just fine, too.

Just do it.  You’ll be glad you did.

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